• Spa must be registered as a Spa under the Ministry of Public Health, Royal Thai Government
  • Must have been operating for at least one year. (Spas operating for less than one year will be considered under the New Spa award category)
  • Must be located within a hotel
  • Must have at least six full time staff, including four full-time therapists (or part-time equivalent).
  • Must have a spa concept that is clearly defined and evident from interior design through to products and services offered.
  • Must have a documented Spa Marketing Plan, including detailed action plans
  • Must have documented Standard Operating Procedures for Spa Services
  • Must have documented Standard Operation Procedures for Spa operational management
  • Must have a documented and implemented Training Plan for new and existing staff that actively promotes staff development.
  • Offers at least two (2) water based therapies  (i.e. steam, sauna, experience showers, hydro baths)  other than Jacuzzi,
  • Offers a variety of spa & well-being treatments including body & facial treatments.

AMAZING HOTEL SPA award application must include:

13.1     Company Register

13.2     Registered under the Ministry of Public Health

13.3     Spa Manager Licence

13.4     Spa Media kit, including Spa Brochure, and Spa Menu

13.5     At least 6 professional photographs of the spa (minimum 300dpi)

13.6     A brief summary of the spas concept. (must be printed, and approximately 100 words)

13.7     A work schedule for all staff covering a seven days period in the past month

13.8     An exert of the Spa’s Marketing Plan of not more than two pages A4

13.9     An exert of the Spa’s Standard Operating Procedures Manual of two spa service protocols

13.10   An exert of the Spa’s Standard Operating Procedures Manual of two spa management protocols

13.11   An exert of the Spa’s Training Plan of not more than one (1) A4 page

13.12   An exert of the Spa’s Training Records covering any five days period during the current year

13.13   A copy of the guest feedback form or a copy of the Standard Operating Procedure for Guest Feedback, if guest feedback is not in written format

13.14   Full name and contact details of an authourised company representative