Voting in the INDUSTRY category shall be done by Spa Operators in Thailand.
Online voting procedures will be distributed to all registered Spa Operators.
One vote per spa.
Only votes cast by 5.00PM Friday 5th January 2018 will be considered valid.

  • Registered under the Ministry of Public Health, Royal Thai Government
  • Must have been operating for at least one year. (Spas operating for less than one year will be considered under the New Spa award category)
  • Is chosen by guests for the purpose of seeking improvements in health or wellness of body, mind and spirit.
  • If a Destination Spa, provides accommodation with a minimum stay requirement of at least 3 nights.
  • Provides a tranquil and peaceful environment that is rebalancing and rejuvenating in its own right.
  • Has a brand identity and concept that is clearly evident in architecture, interior design, treatments, products, service protocols and marketing.
  • Offers at least two (2) different types of water based therapies  (i.e. steam, sauna, experience showers, hydro baths, hot springs) other than Jacuzzi
  • Provides a relaxation area for guests’ use before and after treatment.
  • Offers a wide variety of treatments and services including spa, fitness and mind-body work (such as yoga)
  • Has at least one (1) licensed medical practitioner on-site as permanent staff.
  • Serves only food and beverages which supports a health & well-being lifestyle
  • Offers a lifestyle consultation and personalised programs to each guest.
  • Offers opportunities for guest education, through a library, seminars and/or classes.
  • Provides an environment that is non-smoking, and which restricts unhealthy or stress-inducing practices, such as consumption of alcohol or use of personal communication devices or computers.

Required Documents:

  1. An exert of the Spa’s Training Records covering any five day period during the current year
  2. A brief summary of the spas concept. Brief should be minimum one half A4 page (typed) and maximum one A4 page (typed) and must include details of the Spa’s targeted customer
  3. Company register
  4. An exert of the Spa’s Standard Operating Procedures Manual of two spa service protocols
  5. An exert of the Spa’s Standard Operating Procedures Manual of two spa management protocols
  6. An exert of the Spa’s Training Plan of not more than one (1) A4 page
  7. A copy of the guest feedback form or a copy of the Standard Operating Procedure for Guest Feedback, if guest feedback is not in written format
  8. Spa Manager Licence
  9. A work schedule for all staff covering a seven day period in the past month
  10. Full name and contact details of an authourised company representative
  11. At least 6 professional photographs of the spa (minimum 300dpi)
  12. A Floor plan of the spa - one (1) A3 or A4 page per level is required.
  13. Media kit, including product list of entire line/brand (printed or on CD)
  14. An exert of the Spa’s Marketing Plan of not more than two pages
  15. Registration and / or Notification from Ministry of Public Health
Voting Starts FromTuesday 12th of December 2017, 08:00 AM
Voting Ends OnFriday 5th of January 2018, 05:00 PM