• Product line is appropriate to the Spa Market and meets or exceeds the needs of a Spa Consumer
  • The product line is not tested on animals.
  • Product is available in Retail size only, and clearly targeted as a B2C product.  Product which is only available in professional sizes, shall not qualify for this category.


SPA BRAND award application must include:

9.1    Company Register

9.2    Notification documentation from Food and Drug Administration, Ministry of Public Health

9.3    Full name and contact details of an authourised company representative

9.4    Product list of entire line/brand (printed or on CD)

9.5    Confirmation that the product is not tested on animals

9.6    Actual samples of three products used including actual packaging.  The samples may be subjected to chemical analysis to verify any claims made.  Such testing shall be at the expense of the awards organiser.  The results of the testing shall be viewed only by the auditor.  No discussion will be entered into.