• An individual who seeks to impart the knowledge or skills necessary to work in the Spa & Well-being industry through the motivation and education of individuals or groups.  Such individuals or groups upon the completion of the training should be sufficiently knowledgeable to gain employment in the Spa industry.
  • An individual who shows knowledge of actual and evolving needs of the spa industry.
  • Have at least three (3) certificates of completion of therapy or training courses, of which at least one must be a course approved by the Ministry of Public Health.
  • Has the ability to train in both practical and theoretical practises
  • Has at least 5 years spa industry experience of which at least one year is as an educator
  • Has a system that monitors the quality of learning and effectiveness of the training

SPA EDUCATOR award application must include:

8.1    Full name and contact details of the Spa Educator or their authorised representative.

8.2    A professional photograph of the applicant

8.3    A reference letter from at least two (2) companies or organisations with whom you have conducted training classes for.

8.4    A copy of all certificates that demonstrate the individuals qualification to train

8.5    Details of the curriculum and duration of each subject that the individual is qualified to teach.

8.6    Photographic record of training session (minimum 2 classes, with minimum 2 photographs of each class)