• The spa offers a traditional Thai experience, of spa treatments executed in a traditional Thai manner or the entire spa including treatments, decor and services which are traditionally Thai.  At least 75% of the menu offering must be Thai or incorporate Thai products or herbs
  • The spa demonstrates a genuine desire to be true to Thai traditions and employs only traditional Thai products, services or design elements in the deliverance of the experience.


Traditional Thai Experience award application must include:

11.1     Company Register

11.2     Registered under the Ministry of Public Health

11.3    Full name and contact details of an authourised company representative.

11.4     Spa Manager Licence

11.5     Spa Media kit, including Spa Brochure, and Spa Menu

11.6     At least 6 professional photographs of the spa (minimum 300dpi)

11.7     A brief summary of the spas concept and must include details of the Spa’s targeted customer.  Brief should be minimum one half A4 page (typed) and maximum one full A4 page (typed)

11.8     An exert of the Spa’s Marketing Plan of not more than two pages A4

11.9     An exert of the Spa’s Standard Operating Procedures Manual of two spa service protocols

11.10   An exert of the Spa’s Standard Operating Procedures Manual of two spa management protocols

11.11   An exert of the Spa’s Training Plan of not more than one (1) A4 page

11.12   An exert of the Spa’s Training Records covering any five days period during the current year

11.13   A copy of the guest feedback form or a copy of the Standard Operating Procedure for Guest Feedback, if guest feedback is not in written format

11.14   Summary of not less than one half (1/2) A4 page type, of what is the spa offers that is ‘traditional Thai’ and what the management has done to preserve the Thainess.